Processing technology of the highest standard


State-of-the-art high-definition flexo with a 100% control system guarantees the maximum level of quality and process control. Apart from frontal print with unique effect inks we also offer reverse printing. Following the laminating process, packaging films, imprinted via reverse printing, offer you maximum protection for your products.

Small runs are finished economically and efficiently via digital print.


Precisely coordinated to the width and capacity of the printing system, our solvent-free laminating systems round off the high levels of production depth. Films printed in reverse printing are laminated onto a carrier material. All flexible materials can be processed up to monofilms with thickness of 400 µm.

Film slitting

In preparation, tubes are cut to the required web width in machine reels. For this last process we offer a finishing method with a web cleaning system, whereby films are freed of possible particles on both sides one more time before being rolled up.

A 100% control system for inspecting the print image is also used in this last step of production.

Machine rolls are processed into bags of various shapes in forming, filling and sealing systems, for example.


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